we offer the following comprehensive services:


  • Design and Optimise Drainage Networks
  • Design SUDS and Improve Sustainability
  • Assist with Statutory Agreements
  • Value Engineer Networks removing costly over-sized Sewers and Chambers.
  • Masterplan Sewer Arrangements and Drainage Strategies


  • Design Foundation Layouts
  • Design Reinforced Concrete Beams and Bending Schedules
  • Design Steel Beams and Padstones
  • Design Timber Roof Rafter Design
  • Design Masonry Walls

Highways / Pavements

  • Design Highway Alignments and Layouts
  • Design Pavement Construction
  • Assist with Statutory Agreements
  • Swept Path Analysis
  • Expertise in Permeable Pavement Arrangements

Earthworks / Levels

  • Design FFLs and Highway Vertical Alignment
  • Calculate and Optimise Cut/Fill Volumes
  • Draft Isopachyte Cut/Fill Drawings and Earthworks Strategies
  • Design Retaining Structures
  • Identify Exposed Brickwork and Tanking Requirements


  • Review Engineering Constraints and draft Constraints Plans
  • Undertake Feasibility Reviews
  • Identify Value Engineering Potential Options
  • Draft Strategies for managing Constraints